Welcome to Y Tiwtiadur, a collection of data-driven teaching and learning tools designed to help supplement Welsh language learning at all different ages and levels. Y Tiwtiadur contains four distinct corpus-based tools:

  1. a Gap-Fill (Cloze) tool allowing teachers to delete words from a text at specified intervals to encourage or assess comprehension abilities and prediction strategies
  2. a Word Profiler tool that enables the grading of texts by word frequency
  3. a Word Identification tool testing learners' ability to guess a word in context
  4. a Word Task Creator tool that facilitates intensive work on a specified vocabulary item.
The tools all use information from the 10-million-word CorCenCC corpus. All the language in the corpus is from real life communication, so the word frequencies and the language samples reflect how Welsh is really used across a range of data types from different speakers/contributors, in different situations, and discussing a range of topics. Some of the tools allow you to choose different types of language samples to work with, based on the topic under discussion or the type of language - spoken or written - etc., for example.

The examples provided in all exercises are drawn from texts which have, as far as possible, been approved for use with an audience under the age of 18.